A message from sharmainelqz

Hi kuya, ano po gingawa nyo now, tapos na ang 1st season mo sa PBA?

nag ttraining padin

A message from Anonymous

Idol please may i know what bvlgari aqva you are using the light or dark blue? Pleaseeee!!

im using the light right now

A message from Anonymous

Hi idol may i know how you maintain your beautiful skin? Can i ask what brand of soap, lotion if you use one and shampoo please? You really have a nice skin!

nothing special. i use regular shampoo and soap and shower twice a day haha

A message from Anonymous

Are you planning to buy a new car using your own money? If yes what car will it be,

no. right now im good with my car. maybe in a few years

A message from igotthekeytothemoon

How was basketball introduced into your life?

MY parents introduced me to the sport. They enrolled me in milo best center when i was 4

A message from Anonymous

Hi Mr. Nico Salva, sa tingin niyo po ba makakapag adjust na kayo from 4 (Power Forward) to 3 (small forward)


A message from Anonymous

Merry Christmas Nico! And A happy new year too. 2014 is going to be a better year for you. I'll pray for it. :)

thank you! merry xmas too

A message from Anonymous

Can the Blue Eagles win it all next year? Who do you think, besides Kiefer, would be a big factor for the Eagles?

its gonna be hard but its possible. von and gwayne 

A message from lee-xeeh

do you think smart gilas has a potenial to win the championship in FIBA WORLD?

its gonna be hard to win against USA, spain and other power houses but i think theyll be able to compete well and make us all proud.

A message from tomdelioncourt

Goodevening idol :D Sa tingin mo ba bromadadala kayo ni Romeo sa championship for this season?

it should be a team effort

A message from sharmainelqz

Kuya nics, nagagamit mo ba ang powerbank na binigay ko sayo? 😂 Nice game with #globalPort

yes nagagamit ko. thank you again :)

A message from ruthklarizzamae

Hi kuya! Ang galing galing mong maglaro since Blue Eagle days mo! :""> Nanuod kami nung laro mo nung Wednesday. Naalala mo pa ba yung sumigaw sa may dugout after the game?! SALAMAT SA PAGKAWAY! YOU MADE OUR NIGHT!! :"""> ANG GWAPO MO PALA! Manunuod ulit kami! :"> Sana next time may picture na kami with you po. Thank you. Good luck sa next game! :""> <33333

thanks for watching! sure just approach me anytime! salamat!

A message from bluegrain

number 8 pa din po ba mamba?


A message from Anonymous

kuya nics! ilan years ang contract mo? sana 3 years!

2 years

A message from Anonymous

hi kuya nico if you could let another person take your place as a player aside from kobe hehehe who would it be po? thank you.

my dad haha